Gastronomy from Spain at its finest. 100 Montaditos is heaven between two slices of bread. As our name implies, we offer a 100 ways to combine the ingredients that Spain is world-famous for. Ingredients such as chorizo, serrano ham, manchego cheese alongside classic appetizers from Spain like tapas and various salads.

A bold new taste from the old country.




Even our own interpretation on some of the famous American classics truly has our clients spoiled for choice.

In 100 Montaditos like in Europe, cheeses are a pretty big deal! We store and serve our cheese in a way that it gets to the table tasting just like you imagine cheese are supposed to taste like, but just didn’t know it until now.


We add water to dry flour, then we add the eggs along with series of other elements, getting the consistency just right. Our world famous bread is made up by very simple ingredients, but don’t let that fool you. Combining those very simple, yet hand picked ingredients we’ve managed to come up with a bread that will stand up well to the olive oil yet stay crunchy on the outside.


To wash all of this down, we offer both red and white wine. For the more casual drinker we offer Spain’s famedMahou beer, and for lovers of mixers try our Clara (beer mixed with lemon-lime soda), sangria (wine punch made from diced fruit), tintos de verano (red wine mixed with lemon lime soda), or calimocho (red wine mixed with black soda).

If you have a sweet tooth, worry not, our chocolate montaditos are to die for. Nothing but the finest ingredients and even finer quality.If you’re looking for the very best cuisine from Spain has to offer than accept no substitute.