What is a Montadito

A Montadito is a staple of the culinary arts from Spain.  It is a unique tapa-sized rolls of bread similar to a baguette but wider and with a twist. Each montadito is filled with the best ingredients available, too bad we can’t tell you exactly which ones because it’s a secret. The montadito is a tradition that predates even the sandwich all the way back to the fifteenth century. It’s a time-tested formula distilled to perfection.

You can smell the intoxicating scent of freshly baked bread every single time someone makes their order. Our patented bread is heated and baked seconds before you get your order. We offer nothing but the best. Our bread represents a truly unique touch. Where else will you get authentic white or brown montadito bread?

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The etymology of the word ‘montadito’ stems from the word ‘montar’, which means ‘to mount’ in Spanish. Which makes sense; considering that all the toppings and ingredients are mounted on making them charming little atom bombs of flavor.

Hot, sweet or savory, we have flavors to suit any palate. That is our goal at 100 Montaditos.

Mount up!