Madrid Fusion Displays a World of Flavor

The annual food fest Madridfusión wrapped-up its 13th edition on February 4 after a three days of delicious programming including talks and presentations from some of the world’s most exciting and influencial chefs including Grant Achatz out of Chicago, Vineet Bathia of London, Ana Gago from Galicia, Tasanai Phian-o-Pas originally from Thailand, but now firmly established in Madrid and Jöel Robuchon, the world’s most decorated chef with the most Michelin stars, whose gastronomic empire is operated from Paris.

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These luminaries and dozens of their colleagues conducted fascinating sessions for food professionals and gastronomes on topics ranging from Emotional Cooking, balancing Heritage and Innovation, the Sweet World of Mushrooms and the use of fitoplankton in culinary creations. A tapas competition was held on the second day and the final day of the fair started with a discussion on fermented vegetables, followed by one of the most anticipated annual events – The Black and White Truffle Auction!

Interest was high and bidding fierce for these prized fungal treasures at the auction, sponsored by the Council of Soria as a benefit for the Luis Guanella Foundation which helps to find jobs for women at risk of social exclusion. The hosting team of actor Juan Echanove and chef Alberto Chicote kept things moving and the energy high as the fierce bidding war raged on for two amazing specimens – one a 400 gram black beauty went to Mai Guangfan of the Hong Kong Prince Restaurant, for 5,000 euros and the second a 600 gram treasure was taken by Andrea Tumbarello, owner of the Don Giovanni restaurant, in partnership with with the Clínica Menorca, for 6,200 euros. Mai Guangfan scored again when he outbid the rest for a delightful Italian white truffle from Alba for 2,000 euros.

La-pandilla-de-la-leche-de-tigre-1024x576 La-ensalada-de-Da-Dong-1024x576 Da-Dong

After successful trips to other cities such as New York and Tokyo, Madridfusión will once again take the show on the road when it sets-up in Manila from April 24 – 26, 2015. But, to get the original and authentic experience of this internationally praised event, plan a trip to Madrid for the 14th installment of the original in 2016.